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Our beloved game Final Fantasy is finally back, with the fifteenth version of this brilliant game, which was released on November 29, 2016, its smart developers are Square Enix, XPEC Entertainment, Plusmile, HexaDrive and Streamline Studios, all these brilliant developers were gathered together to made this masterpiece game, it is an Acton role-playing which had a great success in the market since its day of release, Final Fantasy XV is the highly expected next episode in this legendary series, which continue its role of storytelling of this great series .

A very quick and short summary of the story, this amazing story, which is being told over the series of 15 episodes, but this episode mainly takes a close view on Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is a prince from the kingdom Lucis who fights to bring back his lost throne and he has continue doing this to achieve his greater destiny.

The developers worked really hard on graphics to bring out this stunning detailed graphics through all the chapters and the levels of this game, after all this time, and all of that time have passed, this game made one of the greatest come back in the field of games, it’s really hard to think about that this game coming out with all of these changes in all the ways, we could easily say that this game gets rid of its old scale, to bring out the most interesting, amazing and one of the best Action games of this year.

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One the features that I really admires about this game is that you cannot level up without taking a rest, Final Fantasy XV will not allow you to level up until you take a little rest between levels, to allow you to live your real world, or even have a meal to survive.

This game uses a brilliant action-based battle system, which is very close to reality, and it is one of the best battle systems in all modern games, and instead of using a menu interface, the player selects orders directly from the controller like Attack, Defend, Magic and Item.

Final Fantasy is available for PS4 and Xbox one, and it also supports PS4 pro but it mainly works with the standard ps4, it is a game for teens or players above 16 due to presence of violence and blood scenes in addition to strong language and nudity.

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