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Download Final Fantasy XV for PC Windows

Download Final Fantasy XV for PC Windows

Final Fantasy XV took it’s time getting to the PC platform. Nearly a year and a half after launching for console, actually. However, it has now arrived and you can find it on storefronts such as Steam, Origin, and the Windows 10 Store. We find it interesting that Origin is hosting a game that is not an EA game.

The game is great, in general, however most people will likely be won over by the performance, which is nice and solid. Even without 4K, the 1080p maintains a frame rate of about fifty to sixty frames per second. At that, it only drops a bit if you swing the camera erratically.

The frame rate will increase is the Nvidia GameWorks features are disabled. While they work wonderfully, it hits the frame rate the hardest, taking it down a bit. There are four features in particular. The HairWorks, VXAO, TurfEffects, and ShadowLibs. The HairWorks feature is purely fun, especially when combined with the usual show of exaggerated hair in Final Fantasy as well as the top-down convertible. There are also a number of monsters whose fur makes for an interesting effect here.

The other features add their own bits to your overall experience. VXAO allows for more ambiances, with more realistic effects. TurfEffects enhances the grass, and ShadowLibs, as you might already expect, makes the shadows much prettier. However, you will notice a big difference once you turn them off. ShadowLibs steals as much as ten frames each second when it is enabled, while disabling it really does not change the way things look that much. VXAO can be disabled, adding another ten to fifteen frames per second.

The great thing about having this game in PC is that you can play around with the settings until you find exactly what works for you.

The presets seem to be well balanced, across the board. The highest presetting looks absolutely amazing, however, you will lose RAM and VRAM as well. In fact, all three settings, from low to high, disable options in different ways. You can dig in deeper, of course, to get everything customized just the way you like it. Just remember that some options will take you back to the main menu, because they cannot be adjusted in game.

It can test your patience to get that frame rate stabilized, especially since it takes so long to load at the start.

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