Download Messenger : Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition: 5 major things to know before you buy

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition: 5 major things to know before you buy

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition: 5 major things to know before you buy

Final Fantasy 15 has been one of the most noteworthy game releases of this entire generation, maybe the most noteworthy in terms of development for over a decade. Final Fantasy 15 was one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Some thought it wouldn’t even be released in this generation, but back in 2016 we finally got Final Fantasy 15.

Now was that game up to what we were expecting, I think most would say, probably not, and that’s for a variety of different reasons. However, I think most would agree in saying that it was a very good game and the open-world game design was excellent. However, the game didn’t falter from a storytelling standpoint and with Final Fantasy many are just going into the game to experience a great story, but FF15 really faltered in that area.

However, you did get a lot more out of the story. If you experienced the other pieces of content such as the movie, the anime, the mobile game, you get the idea, but we’re not going to be talking about all that in this article. In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at the brand-new Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition – and this has a lot of gamers excited from those that have already played the game to those that are still playing the game to this day and those that fell out of the game. This article is especially for those of you that have never played Final Fantasy 15 and you want to get into Square Enix’s huge open world Japanese RPG. Well, this is the Edition to buy and in this article, we’re going to take a look at five huge things that you should know before you buy Final Fantasy XV the Royal Edition – let’s get right into this

Number one; and I think this is absolutely paramount to mention before you even take a look at the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition. A lot of gamers are going into this and looking at this edition of Final Fantasy 15 as say the Final Fantasy 15 complete edition you’re getting the entire experience. But that is absolutely not the case hit the brakes. If you think that the fact of the matter is that yes, Final Fantasy 15 addition is adding a ton of content as opposed to the base game, but this is absolutely not a complete addition. In fact, there is more DLC content on the way for Final Fantasy 15, and that is not going to be included in Final Fantasy 15 The Royal Edition. This includes brand-new episodes, four episodes, in fact that will be released throughout 2018 as well as 2019, and that is going to be an additional purchase at least that’s what you’d assume if those episodes were going to be included in the Royal Edition. I’m sure Square Enix would make that abundantly clear, but obviously that is not the case to give you an idea of how much those episodes are going to cost. Well, the original season pass which included three episodes, was $ 30. This is four episodes, maybe they’re going to charge another $ 30. It could be $ 40, who knows, but that content is not a part of the Royal Edition. So, if you’re truly looking for that complete experience of Final Fantasy 15 hold off for a while. Chances are as funny as it may sound, probably in 2019, we’re going to see something like the Final Fantasy, 15 royal true complete edition, and that will be your definitive Final Fantasy 15 experience that has all of the content all of the DLC, and maybe some would argue that is the game that we should have gotten back in 2016, but let’s not get into that argument right now. I just want to make it abundantly clear that this may not be the absolute complete Edition that you were looking for.

Number two: Final: Fantasy 15, The Royal Edition has introduced a new map which now includes Insomnia city. One element of Final Fantasy 15 that was very strong was all of the different activities and things you could do and introducing a controllable poet is only going to add on top of that. There’s also a brand new accessory that can also activate the new Armiger unleash, with this you’ll be able to Unleash powerful attacks, while it’s summoned.

Moving on to number three, a brand new camera mode which allows players to experience the game from a new perspective, that’s pretty cool as well. We’ve been seeing a lot of third person games introducing a first-person perspective. We saw that with Grand Theft Auto 5. We saw that with the Evil within and now Final Fantasy 15 is also receiving that treatment. That’ll give you another way to experience the game.

Moving on to number 4, of course with the Royal Edition, you are getting all of the downloadable content that has already been released. So what does that entail? Quite a bit actually, of course you’re getting all of this season pass content that includes all of the episodes. As well as the so Gladius episode prompt, and episode Ignace, these are the three characters that accompany Noctis on his journey and a lot of these episodes are pretty good. Some of them are better than others, and some would argue that some of the content in these episodes is better than the main game. That’s it to bait up in the air, and I won’t get into that. You also get the multiplayer expansion in comrades, which they’ve been updating, and on top of that, you get some accessory downloadable content such as regalia car skins item sets and things like that, not game-breaking by any means, but nice additions. Nonetheless, we are the Guardians, the fire that burns in the dead of night. We are the kings grave.

Number 5 the release date, the price as well as what’s in the PC version, that’s releasing on the same day, so Final Fantasy 15. The Royal Edition will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox, one on March 6th and it’ll retail for $ 50. That’S a pretty good price, given the fact that the base Final Fantasy 15 game typically goes for around twenty to thirty dollars. The season passes $ 30 and then this new Royal Edition upgrade will be available to owners of the base game at an unidentified price point as well and of course say if you are an Amazon, Prime member or a Best, Buy gamers club unlock number. You do get the game for just $ 40 and that’s a great deal for all of the content that you’re getting the pc version will also be releasing on March 6th, and it’s essentially the Royal Edition. That’S gon na come with all of this content. All of the downloadables from the season pass and all of the content being introduced in the Royal Edition. So if you are picking up the PC version of the game, that is something to look forward to as well brothers and sisters. I asked you to stand by me and fight in my side for the light and for the future of our world. Perhaps we’ll meet again that daybreak, that is gon na conclude this video and we’re really interested to hear from you guys.

What do you think about this Final Fantasy 15? Royal Edition? Is this the version of the game that should have been released at launch, or are you upset by the fact that this truly isn’t a complete edition? There is more DLC content on the way and, while personally I’ve been a big fan of Final Fantasy 15, I thought it was a great game and I commend Square Enix for a constantly updated the game and releasing content for it. However, the pricing for some of that content is obviously gon na turn some people off, and I can understand why.

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