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Final Fantasy Characters: Lulu & Lightning

Final Fantasy Characters: Lulu & Lightning

Final fantasy is popular, and it will never die out until there is no longer a console that can run the game. The characters created in this game are the game. Where would games like that be without the characters from each respective universe.

The enemies are just a part of the game as the heroes are. Face it a hero cannot become a hero without its ongoing saga of enemies they have to defeat. A few popular characters in the game just to name a few. Final Fantasy Characters: Lulu and Lightning:


Final fantasy’s voluptuous sorceress Miss Lulu has taken the black Mage to something more exciting.

Packed with a tempting cleavage and a very erotic voice she is one of the most sexiest characters and perhaps tops the list for the most powerful, or close to it. She can cast spells of all power levels. If you are wanting a little more excitement Lulu is your party member.


She is often known for her powerful attitude and has that shifty side to her. Lightning is a welcoming addition to the females leads in the final fantasy game. Lightning has changed the discussions among how the roles of woman are looked at in the gaming region.

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