Download Messenger : Vayne Carudas Soldier: Final Fantasy Most Awaited Character

Vayne Carudas Soldier: Final Fantasy Most Awaited Character

Vayne Carudas Soldier: Final Fantasy Most Awaited Character

Back in March, the fan base of the very popular and successful Final Fantasy received the good news of the initiation of Vayne Carudas Soldier to be the first of the many DLC characters that are supposed to make their debutant appearance as soon as possible. The Final Fantasy fans around the world rejoiced once the announcement was made. However, their rejoicing was short lived, for the game company revealed that the console version of the game is meant to be released by the end of April, which isn’t as soon as fans had hoped to. If Square Enix – the company – is hoping that the new characters achieve a great success, they’ve to satisfy the fans eagerness by not keeping them wait for too long.

It’s quite obvious that making the game fans wait for too long doesn’t serve nor add to the success of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. The hopefully very soon joining of Vayne Soldier is aimed to improve the game intensity as with Vayne and the other DLC characters that are supposed to be incorporated in Dissidia NT, more players can be brought in. The fans were very much expecting the arrival of the DLC characters sooner than announced.

Recently, Square Enix revealed that the sales of 2018, til date, weren’t as expected. The company undoubtedly has plans in the making to prompt better responses from the fans and increase the game sales. Speculations about the dropping sales of Square Enix suggest that the company’s new mechanisms weren’t well planned. For instance, the alterations to threesome fights didn’t really have a great influence on the game veterans. Also, the disappearance of the favourite characters Tifa and Yuna didn’t go by unnoticed by many fans. And many other reasons had a share in the decreasing of the games sales amongst international players.

Nevertheless, Square Enix stated that there are several steps to be made in an attempt to enhance the sales of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. The company is planning to lure in more players by hosting gaming events to explore more of the new characters and the improvisations added to the game in recent times.

However, Square Enix need to keep in mind that in order to seriously restore Dissidia NT to its previous high sales, schedules need to be quickened as possible. Fans don’t like waiting for anonymous time and with no clear goal in the view; they could easily turn to other popular games due to their dissatisfaction with Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. After all, Square Enix surely needs the feedbacks and reviews of gamers and developers in order to further enhance Dissidia NT.

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